Q: How much do prefab modular homes cost?

A. Good “Ballpark Estimate” to use for a Base Price is approximately $120.00 per square foot with standard options such as vinyl siding, Laminate Countertops etc…  This Ballpark Estimate is for a Single Story Ranch Style Home – a 2 Story Home or “Cape” Style Home starts closer to $140 per Square Foot.  These Cost Estimates are for homes built within 30 Minutes of Nashville – we will travel up to 45 Minutes from Nashville but Travel could affect the Cost Per Square Foot.  These Estimates do not include Porches, Decks, Garages or Site Work such as Surveys, Driveways, Tree Removal, Septic Systems, Water Wells, etc.


As you can imagine, there are hundreds of variables when pricing a new home and Clearstory Builders can provide you a detailed quote once we have all the information needed, such as city and county of your building site, your plan and additional options. Click Here to watch the video on the real costs for a prefab modular home.

Q: What is a prefab modular home?

A: Prefabricated homes, often referred to as prefab homes or modular homes are manufactured off-site usually in standard sections. Although the sections of the house are prefabricated, the sections, or modules, are put together at the construction site much like a typical home. Our custom new homes and multi-family projects begin as PODS built in a factory by Nationwide Custom Homes or other prefab and modular home builder we partner with. The completed PODS are shipped to your building site and assembled by local craftsmen trained in modular construction.

Q: How well built are prefab modular homes?

A: Because modular homes need to be moved to the site, they are engineered to a higher standard of strength than stick-built homes. Pieces are nailed/screwed and glued to add strength to the structure and make modular homes more durable against the adverse effects of Mother Nature.

Q: Are prefab homes really built faster?

A: Yes! The homes are completed faster because we have everything taken care of before the home goes into production. The plans are set, materials are taken care of and the crew is always ready to go. Building in the factory allows us to work year-round and not have to wait for Mother Nature to allow us to build. Homes can be completed in terms of weeks rather than months with stick building. The price savings from weeks to months can be thousands.

Q: Who builds your prefab homes?

A: We are a licensed home builder for Nationwide Homes, All American Homes as well as other well established prefab modular building companies.  Click here to go to our “Floorplan” Page.

Q: Where do you build your prefab modular homes?

A: Our service area currently includes most cities and communities in; Davidson, Cheatham, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, Sumner and Dickson counties of Middle TN.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: Yes we are fully insured and we are Tennessee license general contractor for residential and small commercial buildings.

Q: Where are the savings when building using modular home construction vs.100% site-built?

A: The savings occurs in material costs and time, which also equates to dollars. We purchase the same materials found in 100% site-built homes. The fact that we can purchase material in bulk allows for a discount we can pass on to you. The largest savings, however, comes from time. Unless you are paying cash for a new home, most people use a construction loan. With a construction loan, you are paying interest on the loan that does not attribute to your permanent loan. The longer it takes to build, the more interest you are paying. Modular construction is faster; therefore, saving you the extra interest payments that could be thousands.

Q: Can you customize a modular home?

A: The answer is yes. We can assist you creating a custom new home with modular construction. Select from our 100 plus modular home plans and then design the custom style you want. Hardwood floors to Corian counter tops, you can choose from thousands of upscale personalized features to fit your budget and taste. 

Q: What if I want to do some of the finishing work myself?

A: Most of our homes are delivered 80% completed with the remaining finishing touches done when the home is on site. Clearstory Builders will complete the home onsite – it has been our experience that most lenders will not allow the buyer to finish the home themselves.

Q: Are your homes “green?”

A: Yes

Q: Are modular homes energy efficient?

A: The modular home itself is normally more energy efficient than a "stick built" home. The attention to detail and strength reduces gaps and drafts that can occur; drywall panels are nailed and glued during the build. The increase in quality construction of a modular home transfers into heating and cooling savings for the homeowner. Many times modular homes can require a smaller furnace or air-conditioning unit than a comparable site built home.

Q: Are there a lot of features to choose from?

A: Yes. Nationwide Homes plans have hundreds of personalized features available from hardwood floors, variety of carpets, solid surface countertops, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, exterior features, etc. We may also have access to other features not available from Nationwide Homes. We will be happy to show you our product and décor manual that you can look through.

Q: What types of exteriors are available?

A: Any exterior you want and within your budget. Vinyl siding is standard, but you can upgrade to cement board (one popular brand known as Hardi plank), brick, rock, split log, and stucco. Roof shingles are standard, but you can get a metal roof, which will be purchased and installed onsite by us.

Q: Can I add modular additions to my existing home?

A: Yes. Our remodeling additions range from bedrooms, family rooms, kitchens and garages, to sun rooms and offices.


Q: What about financing?

A: Our modular homes qualify for all mortgage programs. The same mortgage rules and regulations apply to purchasing one of our modular homes as to a 100% site-built home.

Q: Do your modular homes come with a warranty?

A: Yes. There is a 1-year structural warranty.  Clearstory Builders offers a 2-10 warranty on your new home.  Please ask us about the additional warranty.

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